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The EASY simulation system

EASY stands for Ecg Applicationsimulation SYstem.

The simulation system comprises the EASY Monitor and the EASY Remote. The monitor consists of an iPad in a special housing and customized pockets. It is the "home" for the simulation app on the patient side. The EASY-Remote is the wireless remote control with a range of up to 50 meters. The system can be operated intuitively with the corresponding app. The special housing makes the monitor fit for outdoor use.

The REVIO video system

The video system provides professional support for your simulation. The video unit supports you in the recording or live stream as a feedback or debriefing tool. Flexible as a stationary or mobile unit with up to 20 cameras, nothing remains unseen. The integrated audio system offers bidirectional playback of sounds or speech, ideal for supplementing simulation manikins.



In revision




Optimally developed for emergency and intensive care training and further training. Full version from 3,300 euros net. Especially worth mentioning: No subscription, no follow-up costs


EASY one


the simulator for AED use in first aid training and paramedic training - or as a monitor for CTG or monitoring

from 2024

EASY pro


the simulation device for high demands on a large screen with proven EASY technology

from 2024

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